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Two Lives, One Lifetime

J2 ARMS - the Better Alternative

J2 ARMS is your ultimate recovery coaching platform, providing discreet and supportive guidance to individuals battling addiction. Our dedicated team of certified and accredited Coaches is committed to helping clients achieve their Recovery ambitions. Systemic Recovery Coaching is one of the fastest growing and effective coaching modalities globally. It offers a future based, better alternative to those suffering from addiction or recovering from other life challenges.  

Professional Coaches


The J2 ARMS Coaching Team has performed more than 25 000 hours of client work. Whether you are at the start, post rehab or anywhere else we will help you bridge the gap to lifelong sobriety with our specialized recovery coaching services.

Confidential Online Convenience


For your convenience, we created a safe and discreet online platform. It is as simple as choosing your coach, and your initial  coaching package to start your recovery journey. Coaching sessions are performed via Zoom as scheduled. 

Switch and Save


J2 ARMS, through its associates now offer Home Detox options, together with Recovery Coaching to save you time and money. Especially for those that are in the “misuse” stage, home detox can be a more practical and affordable option to consider compared to rehab.  

No Waiting Period


Avoid waiting periods and enjoy immediate admission to J2 ARMS. Our admission process is fast and streamlined. Prior to Admission, you have the option of a 30 minute FREE DISCOVERY CALL to find out all you need to know.

Easy 5 Step Admission Process


Step 1 –  Fill in the contact form below and submit or chat direct via WhatsApp.
Step 2 – Book your 30 Minute Obligation Free Discovery Call to find out more.
Step 3 – We will contact you to discuss your current situation and recovery ambitions.
Step 4 – Choose your coach.
Step 5 – Schedule your Coaching Sessions.



“I felt so privileged being coached by Rene’. She has the ability to treat you with so much respect and patience. I don’t think I’m an easy person to coach, I always stray off topic, but she has the ability to lead you back with lots of patience. By the end of the sessions I always feel like I’ve found my own solutions, and that my deepest feelings were understood. These sessions helped me to listen to my inner voice, to ask myself what will make ME happy, and to have compassion for myself. What probably helped me the most was realizing that my feelings are valid. I definitely recommend coaching.” C.L.


“I have been in recovery for two years…and fully sober for over one year. Throughout this time Jim has been a rock. He has helped me deal with my past, cope with my present and construct my future. He is a constant source of kindness, understanding and hope. His big heart and empathetic manner belie a core strength and a razor-sharp mind. He is a fantastic listener. He has helped me to look forward and rebuild my life in a shape I never imagined possible.” E.M. 

Take action today

Take the first step towards a brighter future with J2 ARMS. Our certified recovery coaches are here to guide you. Book A FREE CALL TODAY  and start your journey to long term recovery.  You don’t have to go through this alone; we’re here to support you every step of the way. Your brighter tomorrow begins with a single click.
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