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Recovery coaching, a strengths-based approach, aids in breaking barriers to achieve your goals and desires. Our coaches grasp addiction’s intricacies, offering client-led strategies in a confidential, judgment-free space, enabling a transition from addiction to a robust recovery foundation.

systemic wellness recovery coach generally works within a systemic or holistic framework to assist individuals in their recovery journey. They support clients not only in addressing their addiction or mental health issues but also in considering the broader context of their life, relationships, environment, and overall well-being. 

These coaches often focus on creating a comprehensive plan that accounts for various interconnected factors impacting the individual’s recovery process.

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Who may benefit from Recovery Coaching?

Individuals, couples, families and communities suffering from addiction and other life challenges. Be mindful that Recovery Coaching is an adjunct service to medical, self-help and psyhco-social services and not a replacement thereof.

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How does a Recovery Coach add value?

As part of the Systemic Coaching Model, a Recovery Coach helps create Recovery Capital. Recovery capital refers to the internal and external resources that contribute to an individual’s ability to initiate and sustain their recovery from addiction. It encompasses a range of factors that support a person in overcoming substance use disorders and maintaining a healthy, fulfilling life. Recovery Capital can be categorized into several dimensions:

1. *Personal Capital:* This includes an individual’s internal strengths, such as motivation, self-esteem, and coping skills.

2. *Social Capital:* Involves the support and relationships within a person’s social network, including family, friends, and recovery communities.

3. *Community Capital:* Encompasses the external resources available in the community, such as healthcare services, employment opportunities, and accessible recovery support.

4. *Cultural Capital:* Refers to how cultural beliefs, values, and norms influence an individual’s recovery journey.

5. *Physical Capital:* Involves the tangible assets and health-related factors that contribute to recovery, such as stable housing, nutrition, and overall physical well-being.
By understanding and enhancing these various forms of capital, individuals in recovery can build a stronger foundation for sustained positive change in their lives.
A Recovery Coach becomes your recovery partner, meets you where you are at on your journey and helps you reach long term recovery.

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What are the financial implications?

  • Compared to private rehabilitation centres and Outpatient programs recovery coaching is by far the most affordable option
  • In cases where home detox is a favorable option with Recovery Coaching interventions, the cost per client is dramatically decreased.
  • With home detox, executives and management may continue to provide oversight without complete loss of working hours.
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Recovery Coaching vs 12 Step Program.

Recovery Coaching;
Present, Future/solutions focused driven.
Coaching Agenda driven by client
Accredited and Certified Coaches
Flexible & tailored to client’s needs
In person or online sessions
Holistic approach
Applicable to various life challenges

12 Steps:
Past / Problem focused
Intervention is prescribed
Peer to peer interventions
Sponsor Support
No Flexible
Group meetings / some online
Problem focused
Focus on addiction only

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How confidential is Recovery Coaching?

Every client and coaching session will not be disclosed unless you have given written permission to share your success with direct family members. Disclosure is solely the client’s prerogative. Coaches will not disclose any information to any third parties unless emailed by yourself.

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When should I contract a Recovery Coach?

Recovery Coaches can be contracted for assistance with many life challenges. In the addiction scenario, you should seriously consider contracting with a recovery coach during the misuse and abuse stages. Also, pre-rehab and post rehab to improve the potential to achieve long term recovery. 

Recovery Coach Training Path

Certified Professional Recovery Coaches are intensively trained by U-ACT to high international standards. U-ACT is a COMENSA Training Provider and the training is accredited by the International Coaching Register (ISO9001:2015). For the initial training, Coaches have to complete 100+ hours of rigorous training followed by 5 case studies from 60 hours of  practical coaching.  On completion, coaches need to pass an exam and two coaching assessments in front of a panel of Master Coaches to achieve accredited certification. Thereafter, the training continues as the coaches engage with clients, with regular supervision meetings that need to be attended. 

The Coaching team at J2 ARMS cumulatively have more than 25 000 hours of client work.  All coaches are U-ACT Certified and accredited with the International Coaching Register.


My son had an incredible experience working with Sean as his dedicated  coach.

My son does not open up easily. For the first few sessions my son insisted I sit in with him. I can therefore attest first hand on Sean’s ability to listen, understand and guide him with unparalleled insight. Sean was empathetic and non-judgmental and created a safe space for my son where my son felt comfortable enough to go to the sessions alone. My son, with Sean’s guidance, he embarked on a transformative journey and I was lucky to witness such a positively change in my son’s life and attitude towards life.

From the moment my son embarked on this transformative journey , I have witnessed remarkable positive changes in various aspects of his life. My son was spending his time at home gaming and feeling like a failure. He has now gone back to school and is excelling. He has placed his own restrictions on his gaming time, a schedule worked out with Sean that he still sticks to. I wholeheartedly recommend Sean to anyone seeking a life coach for themselves or teenage children. I am immensely grateful for the positive impact Sean had on my son

Leigh-Anne had a beautiful way of wanting to get to know who I was, what I liked, what I enjoyed, what made me tick – her interest in my journey was sincere and I felt she had amazing positivity and wonderful insight and this only emanated the fact that Leigh-Anne was there to help and assist me in every way she possibly could. Leigh-Anne is without doubt a woman who really understood and could truly grasp the battle I was up against, she was always kind, honest and her utter PASSION for not only her work but the WANT to HELP me in my addiction came across very strongly and BEST of all this passion she has comes across very naturally. – Munya

Leigh-Anne was instrumental in my recovery. She was encouraging, loving and supportive. But firm which was necessary. She always believed in me and treated me with dignity and respect. She helped me to build my self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in every area of my life.


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