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Coaching Team has performed more than 25,000 hours of client work

Meet our team of professional, certified and accredited coaches

systemic wellness recovery coach generally works within a systemic or holistic framework to assist individuals in their recovery journey. They support clients not only in addressing their addiction or mental health issues but also in considering the broader context of their life, relationships, environment, and overall well-being. These coaches often focus on creating a comprehensive plan that accounts for various interconnected factors impacting the individual’s recovery process.

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Jim St Johnston Founder

Jim is a Growth-focused, holistic, strength-based recovery coach with a focus on personal development while considering the individual’s entire well-being. He help clients identify strengths, set goals, and overcome obstacles, fostering resilience and self-discovery. This approach empowers individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives, aligning with their unique strengths and aspirations.

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Ati is a Vancouver-based Master Coach and Head Training Facilitator with Calm Lion and U-ACT. Overcoming addiction fueled his passion for training recovery coaches and holding space for understanding. Once spending a year alone in Central Africa, Ati’s story embodies resilience, purpose, and infectious smiles—an inspiring journey of connection and growth

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Faeeza (FJ)

Faeeza holds the title of International Accredited Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC), signifying her unwavering dedication to guiding individuals through the intricate process of recovery. In her role as a Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS), FJ plays a pivotal role in supporting individuals as they conquer addiction and strive for lasting recovery.
She offers invaluable guidance, motivation, and practical strategies to help individuals navigate the complexities of addiction and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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Jean has been in the coaching industry for the past 8 years where her focus is on supporting individuals in managing their lives effectively through creating sustainable change on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Jean has her Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Leadership, accredited with the International Coach Federation. This is accompanied by her business and Psychology degree, 15 years’ experience of Satyananda yoga training and somatic work as well as trainings with the Enneagram, Brain Profiling, Systemic Constellations, and Leadership Embodiment. 

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Leigh-Anne -Specialising in systemic coaching, I coach individuals and groups to create recovery by creating behaviours to effectively manage substance use, addictive behaviour, and mental health disorders. By developing actions, habits and practices that are supportive of their recoveries, we can live fulfilling lives, grounded in meaning and purpose. The solutions-driven nature of coaching supports individuals in deepening their recovery, so that they can be actively involved in their lives in a meaningful, authentic way.

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“As a seasoned Recovery Coach and Wellness Counselor, my extensive experience and education from the University of Cape Town have shaped my role as a Case Manager and Systemic Wellness Practitioner. Within the Pocket Rehab Coaching Network, I train Peer Recovery Specialists globally and collaborate with organizations to provide effective care. With over 5 years at the Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust, I’ve trained Professional Recovery Coaches and overseen student certification. I’m dedicated to growth, certified as a relationship and Enneagram coach, assisting organizations and individuals in building lasting wellness and recovery”

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My coaching philosophy is rooted in compassion, empowerment, and evidence-based strategies. I believe that happiness, joy and the deep sense of fulfillment we’re all looking for is an art, a skill to be mastered, which no one was taught yet needs to be discovered on this journey called life. Through a combination of personalized facilitation, mindfulness techniques, and practical tools, I aim to equip my clients with the skills needed to overcome challenges, manage triggers, and cultivate a fulfilling life beyond addiction.

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“Meet Rory Brown: a seasoned behaviour change expert with 30+ years of experience. As your coach, he leverages compassion, empathy, active listening, and collaborative problem-solving to empower you. Rory’s singular focus is guiding you towards uncovering and implementing your personalized path to success and recovery.”

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My personal experience in active addiction and long-term recovery enables me to relate to a client at a meaningful level. I meet individuals ‘where they are at’ in their respective recovery journeys, and I use open-ended questions and active listening to identify obstacles hindering their progress, and to create a solid plan of action for the future.

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Meet Sean, your dedicated guide to personal growth. With specialized training and personal experience in recovery, Sean offers steady support in a safe, non-judgmental space. He simplifies complex goals, helping you take practical steps toward lasting change while he will coach you to a place where you envision your future. Step by step at whatever pace suits you.



Ati holds the best space, and with the best presence, of anyone I’ve encountered personally and professionally in over thirty years working in and moving through mental health. He is a beacon of wholehearted devastation toward the things that no longer serve us and the epitome of grace as we gather ourselves toward the better people we know we can be. I’m so grateful that I connected with him at a time when I needed it most, and am so glad to be able to refer colleagues, friends and clients to him with a diversity of needs and experiences knowing that he’s foundationally strong enough to help all of us help ourselves.

Dr. A. W.


‘If you’ve reached a point in your life where you are curious about where you are, how you got to be here and you’re perhaps wondering why you respond as you do in certain life situations, I would absolutely recommend the Enneagram! With extraordinary perception, empathy and insight, Jean led me on a journey of self-discovery, where I explored aspects of myself that had never quite made sense to me. Having always followed the road less travelled, I have to say this is one of the most valuable and profound tools I have ever experienced.

F. – Corporate Employee)


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