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About J2 ARMS

J2 ARMS is your ultimate recovery coaching platform, providing discreet and supportive guidance to individuals seeking recovery. Our dedicated team of certified and accredited Coaches is committed to helping you achieve your Recovery ambitions.

At J2 ARMS, we understand that long-term recovery is the ultimate goal for those grappling with addiction. Our highly skilled and experienced team of Coaches is here to meet you wherever you are at and guide you on your recovery journey. Whether you are at the start, post rehab or anywhere else we will help you bridge the gap to lifelong sobriety with our specialized recovery coaching services.

With our inspired coaching team, you’ll thrive in a secure and empowering environment, receiving the structure, understanding and encouragement needed to attain and maintain long-term recovery. Your journey towards a brighter future starts here with J2 ARMS.


At J2 ARMS, we envision a world where addiction no longer holds individuals captive, but where the path to recovery is illuminated and accessible to all.


Illuminate the path from addiction to recovery through certified, diverse coaches, using evidence-based methods. We uphold accountability, transparency, and industry excellence.


  • Compassion: We approach every individual’s struggle with addiction with empathy and understanding, recognizing that recovery is a personal journey.
  • Professionalism: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and expertise in addiction recovery coaching, ensuring that those we serve receive the best support available.
  • Diversity: We celebrate the uniqueness of each person’s journey to recovery and provide a diverse range of coaches to match their specific needs.
  • Evidence-Based: We are dedicated to using evidence-based techniques, ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of our services.
  • Accountability: We maintain a culture of accountability among our coaches through regular supervision and a commitment to industry standards.
  • Confidentiality: Complete GDPR compliant Confidentiality.

Global Expansion

J2 ARMS is expanding to South Africa and other countries. Please visit the link below to see our South African platform focused on the corporate sector. Simply click below to be redirected. 



My journey with Jean was nothing short of life changing. It started a year ago when I was in a very volatile tumultuous place in my life, as well as extremely skeptical of coaching and what it promised to offer. Needless to say we commenced with our sessions and I soon started seeing phenomenal results in my daily life. I learnt how to regroup, centre myself, apply mini coaching tools and yes even a bit of meditation and self-gratitude which was amazing considering where I started off and yes, I have Jean to thank for this, she showed such care, she’s extremely patient, humble and oh so well versed in her field. She is a brilliant judge of character and is very Intune with the people she comes into contact with. I would certainly recommend her as a coach (and have) to many as she truly is the heart of coaching. Not only has she helped me transform my career but she has also had a large impact on me in my personal capacity. She truly is a God send and was born for this role. Signing off now as a changed strong, confident, humble, grateful mom, wife, women, employee and friend …. Thank you to Jean for who she is and the impact she has had thereof! , Standard Bank employee – Coaching – Trudie.


My name is Gareth Evans and I am working for Project Exodus SANPC in Durban, South Africa
We specialise in Addiction Recovery and assist those struggling with all types of addiction by collaborating with churches and organisations locally and internationally.
As Project Exodus we train and empower organisations on multiple levels.
One of the areas we focus on is Recovery coaching.
Ati  has been invaluable to making training available to us, through the UACT platform. Yet his personal manner, style authenticity and integrity shines through.
This has made a tremendous impact in my life and the way I approach myself and others.
He is an excellent coach and has a phenomenal coaching style, not only in the one on one coaching sessions, but within a group format.
Ati has a way of training that really made me feel confident and safe in myself but also to be able to train and coach others.
Ati’s ability to look for and bring out the gold in others that they had lost is incredible.

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